Glencroft Farm

  Southampton, Massachusetts

Who We Are

Here at Glencroft Farm we pride ourselves in being a small, relaxed family farm and horse boarding facility in a beautiful scenic area. Glencroft Farm was bought from the Kingsley’s by Deane and Elizabeth (Tommy) Avery in 1941. Deane and Tommy raised tobacco, chickens, as well as asparagus, berries, cucumbers and potatoes. They milked 36 cows. Their daughter Peg and her husband Ed bought the farm in 1959 and continued the dairy business. In 1964 a devastating fire burned down the 100-year-old barn. Thirty-two cows, two bulls, and two horses died in the blaze. The single story cinderblock barn was built as a replacement. The original silo remains near the new barn. Ed and Margaret’s son Mark and his wife Kate took over ownership of the farm and dairy business in 1985. Due to continued financial difficulties stemming from the low milk price, Mark and Kate completely closed the dairy in 1996. With a strong desire to keep the farm viable, Mark and Kate converted the single story cinderblock barn to accommodate horses by tearing down stanchions and building large box stalls. Each stall has a large 4’x 4’ window that allows plenty of light into the barn. Glencroft Farm began boarding horses in May of 2003.

The farm is currently owned and maintained by Mark and Kate Raymond, their family of 3 children and their spouses, and 9 grandchildren.

General Information
BOARDING - All day (12+/- hours) turn out, in large pastures with run in sheds and shade trees. We do rotational grazing to help ensure good pastures. There are miles of trails and open fields to ride, a 50' round pen, an outdoor riding ring with sand footing, and trail practice/desensitizing obstacle area. Space for tack as well as a heated tack room with sink and hot water. Horses are led into the barn at night away from bugs/cold. Large box stalls with large (plexi-glass, wire covered/safe) windows giving natural light. Barn is airy in summer with fans as needed and warm(er) in winter. Full board includes hay, bedding, daily stall cleaning, feeding 2x/day (lunch fed as needed in winter), blankets or fly masks. Bring your own grain or grain (your choice) can supplied for the price of what your horse eats. $400.00/month.
HAY - 3-3 1/2 foot bales, average 40-45 pounds - Good-Excellent Quality Feed Hay. $8.50-9.00/bale.
MINI HAY BALES - approx. 8" x 11" x 16" - for decorations, small animal feed, mulching, etc. Good quality 2nd cut hay made into nice little green bales for feed or decorations. We also have more straw like (yellow) bales for decorations, stuffing scarecrows and/or mulching.
Pick up at farm or delivery can be arranged. $6.00/bale.

Straw Bales
3 1/2 foot bales average 40 pounds.  $10.00/bale

CONSTRUCTION HAY - 3-3 1/2 foot bales, average 40-45 pounds - Available year round. $6.00/bale.