Glencroft Farm

  Southampton, Massachusetts


Quotes I've been at Glencroft for a little over a year and I love it here! I get to be outside all day. I have lots of room to play with my buddies and loads of grass to eat. When I'm in the barn there is wonderful, home grown, hay to munch on and lots of fresh air. I've started some work in the round pen and fenced in ring with my mom. I'm looking forward to getting on the trails with my mom, soon. My mom tells me that she's happy here, too, and is grateful for the care I receive, from Kate, Mark and Jenny, and the new friends she has made here. Quotes

Quotes I've lived at Glencroft for almost 10 years and daily enjoy playing in one of several pastures with my buddies (we're all 'boys' here at the farm!). We're inspected for new boo-boos each morning on our way out and each evening on our way back into barn. The 10 miles of trials are indescribably beautiful, meandering through woods, fields, and along a river. But the views of the valley from the high points make even me stop & look. I'm so lucky to be here, cared for by the Raymond family, and count my blessings daily! Quotes
"Twister" The Great (one of Glencroft's Horses)

Quotes Glencroft Farm! It's the perfect place to keep my horse, Gabriel. He gets superb care and has great turnout with his horse buddies. There are miles of beautiful trails through the woods, fields and over rivers; and we have spectacular views from the hills. Thanks Kate and Mark. Quotes
Beth M.

Quotes Mark, Kate and Jenny treat your horse like one of their own. The turnouts are huge so the horse has lots of space to run around. They are turned out with other horses so they get to run and play and be horses. Quotes
Meghan S.

Quotes I know our horses, Thor and Shadow, are very happy at Glencroft with Kate and Mark. Kate watches herd dynamics and moves horses around to get the best mix of personalities. She is vigilant in watching for any problems or injuries and always lets us know right away if anything seems amiss. The barn is always clean, and the environment is so peaceful there. Mark is always cheerful and happy to give a helping hand. And I have made many new life-long friends among the boarders. I could not imagine a more caring place to keep our two boys. Riding in the fields and on the trails is like being in anther world, where life's worries can slip away. Words can't express how grateful I feel to have our horses at Glencroft. Quotes
Ruth S.

Quotes As a child I knew Kate through Hampshire County 4H. She and I were in the same club and attended meetings and events together. Many years passed since we saw one another again as adults and it was in the realm of needing a place to board my horse that we reconnected. My current horse came from Western Pennsylvania, where I lived and had boarded him at two different farms. Then I moved to New Jersey and used four different barns in that state. Honestly, Kate and Mark have the best place I have been at yet. From the airy barn to the lovely open fields to the beautiful forested trails to the huge turn out pastures, the place is just ideal. Kate and Mark run the farm professionally and are very personable. My horse acts very happy and settled at Glencroft Farm and that makes me happy and settled. Quotes
Beth R.

Quotes Glencroft Farm is my sanctuary and my escape. When I'm at the barn, all I need is to be on my horse riding through the breathtaking fields and the worries and stresses of life disintegrate. Kate and Mark pour their hearts and souls into this farm every day and it shows. From the spotless barn, to the magnificent fields, to the (I swear) smiles on the faces of those equines lucky enough to call the endless pastures of Glencroft their home, Kate and Mark have shaped this amazing property into a sanctuary for both humans and horses alike. Quotes
Emily W.